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Religion is self-justification of your ignorance.
Now all over the world and especially in Europe are experiencing a demographic expansion of ignorance.

This site appeared, as result joint Internet community creativity. Readers did the offers according to the scientific and philosophical maintenance of a site, asked questions of a science, of meaning of the life. I as a smog executed remarks of readers and answered these questions proceeding from the understanding of the performed scientific work, wide life experience and its judgment. Many readers consider that the site can be translated into many languages and will be useful to mankind. Unfortunately, my possibilities of transfer are limited - it is a machine translation which, as well as languages based on the Latin alphabet, cannot transfer completely many concepts of Russian. I am ready to accept any help from Internet community in a translation of Russian pages of a site into other languages of the world for their correct understanding.

Thermonuclear energy
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Read Russian pages of the website - they are much more interesting , learn Russian if you want to know much more - it is language of future.

For the first time in science calculated, detected, and measured experimentally a new physical effect - an external magnetic field of a toroidal structures with a poloidal electric current. Earlier it was considered as impossible.

The mathematical simulation and experiments which have confirmed correctness of logic and conclusions from it are made.
The recalls of the specialists are shown (on Russian only).

On the basis of experiments:
- the parameters are calculated
- the construction is designed
- the device which use a method of creation of a magnetostatic field like by separate elements of a closed electric circuit of a direct current is produced now. I have know-how.

The donut hole was not empty.

Where on a site true, and where diligent scientific error, I recommend to find to the thoughtful, searching reader.
Knowledge from following areas of a science is for this purpose necessary:
Physics: 1) Mechanics, Dynamics, movement of a material point; 2) Electrodynamics, movement of the charged particles in electric and magnetic fields.
Mathematics: 1) Integral and Differential calculus; 2) the Vector analysis.
Programming (at least on BASIC) and modelling of physical problems.

On the basis of the invention next devices can be created:
1. Open magnetic trap for continuous deduction of high-temperature plasma.
2. Industrial thermonuclear reactor.
    New global energetics. Cheap both safe (neutron thermonuclear reactions are used not) warmly and electric power.
    The price of the device by power of 50 kW, by mass manufacture, will
    no more $ 15000. Cost of one giga-calorie (1200 kW×h) will not exceed $ 0.5.
    Role of traditional power resources, of a systems of their transporting and allocation
    (naphtha conduits and gas conduits, lines of electric transmissions, a contact lines
    of an electric transport, a heat conduits) will decrease.
    The grounds engaged by reservoirs of hydroelectric power stations will be liberated. Hydrocarbonic minerals will be only raw materials for organic chemistry. Desalting of sea water.
    Planet poisoning with "peace atom" will stop.
3. Thermonuclear  jet engine.
    It in 2000 times is more effective than its analogs by of chemical energy.
4.Medicine. {14.04.2017 03.00 MSK} Theory, requiring a completely safe and relatively cheap experimental verification, predicts that with the help of a special configuration of such a magnetic field, it becomes possible to treat diseases of the joints, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems of the body through deep endevores. I also suggest that in certain conditions a field can contribute to the rejuvenation of the body and a significant increase in life expectancy. It is known that living organisms that colloidal solutions with an orderly and purposeful movement of matter (atoms and molecules interacting with electric and magnetic fields) and information. Know this, Biophysics and experts in the field of information. Thus, with the help of my magnetic field, to directionally control the processes occurring in the body at the molecular and atomic levels.
All devices do not require high technologies.
Their main property - huge specific installed power and safety in use. Reserve of energy is not concentrated, as in a transport or weapon. The energy may be easily extracted from water in the necessary shape (warmly, electricity, light), in necessary amount, in the necessary time and in the necessary place.

Continuation of works in this direction is the obstinate continuation of a deadlock branch of researches, reception of financing for the accompanying and other developments, including the increase of pollution of planet by radioactive waste products.

It seems that I was ahead of his time by 70-80 years.
I see that humanity has not yet experienced the energy crisis.

Here there are
official answers (on Russian only) and international patent application (WO00069052A2), WIPO.

Work on thermonuclear program can be continued (innovation project - the business offer, [The real project and the business offer read on Russian page] venture capital, USD 2.6 million learning - that will turn out?). The service is priced at CNY 60 000 000 000 (Because the gold maintenance of currency has decreased in 3.5 times since 2004).
The account in my name in a reputable Bank in Helsinki.
Comparative costs of research in this area can be found on ITER. For such price mass production is impossible (USD of 19 billions seeing - that will be?).

My identification data: Grigor'ev Eugene Aleksandrovich, 17.02.1953 y.b., g.Bryansk, USSR
Registration: RF, 198412, St-Petersburg, g.Lomonosov, ul.Krasnogo Flota, d.5, kv.20
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I continue to be engaged in mathematical modelling and programming.
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