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Georg Krylov
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The information, tendered on a site, is a result of fifteen-years work.
The theory in the beginning was designed. The results incompatible with modern understanding of the laws of an electromagnetism were obtained. Ten years of doubts and reinspections have shown - the experiment is indispensable. A series of experiments was carried out. Each experiment confirmed calculations and showed a direction of research. By this way the transformation of the device shown on a Fig.12 in "Equations of Maxwell" became obvious. But it was absolutely not obvious initially.

There was a necessity of generalizing of all work. As a result - issuing the brochure "About revision of Maxwell equations, thermonuclear fusion, gravitation engine and gamma - laser".

The work was introduced at different seminars. There was large dispute. The scientists which saw the experiment and recognize the scientific logic, have agreed with the deductions of work. Others directly have rejected results of researches - " this can not be, because it can be never ". Naturally, recalls of the progressively thinking people here are placed. I am grateful for a their permission to accommodate their recalls on the my site.


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