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The thermonuclear jet engine

It is known, that the power of the jet engine depends on speed of the expiration of gases. This speed is proportional to a square root from meaning of temperature.
The best chemical fuel (hydrogen + oxygen) can not create a temperature more than 4000 degrees (0.35 eV) [1 eV = 11600 degrees].
Therefore, the projects of the plasma engines and ion engines are widely considered (Prometheus).
Their insufficiencies:
1. Very small, microscopic reactive force.
2. Necessity in a source of energy supply.

In the considered device, the energy of products of reaction is equal 2 MeV per corpuscle. It corresponds to temperature 23 200 000 000. It is visible, that the temperature in the thermonuclear jet engine more, than in the chemical device in 6 000 000 times . Accordingly, the speed of the expiration of gases is raise in 2500 times. Under such parameters, for creation of reactive force of 1000 tons, it is necessary to burn 0.5 kg of the hydrogen per second. The calculations can be checked by formulas:


Thermonuclear Fusion Propulsion

Real ion engine

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