Eugene Aleksandrovich Grigor'ev

About MIND.

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Mind - integral property of a matter to self-organising and purposeful self-development, by accumulation, processing and storage of the information on world around.

Ignorance, this all conscious and instinctive that interferes with existence and Mind development. Religion and the percentage capital - the tools of ignorance suppressing reason and interfering its natural development. The religion learns to breed thoughtlessly ("... Breed and breed...") and not to develop ("... From many knowledge - many sorrows..."), despite the limited resources of a planet, and the percentage capital, in turn, breaks the universal law of preservation of a matter (I speak as the physicist and the reasonable person) - from can turn out nothing something (the profit, Mind operation).

All civilisation is created by research and creative Mind of the person.

The Economy - it is the natural resources transformed by Highly-formed Mind with the help of energy in the goods, necessary for the maximum satisfaction of human needs. A policy - economy continuation, war - continuation of an ignorant policy in sphere of economy and human relations. Wars are untied not by civilisations or cultures, and ignorances (churches, the transnational capital, individual ignoramuses or their groups struggling for the power, as a way of an intraspecific survival). Wars will proceed until will be defined and legislatively established the General principle - "to live and work for the blessing of reason and for its development".



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